Culture + AR in special education classrooms

Using AR to help students with special needs learn about their culture

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New Learning Communities

 We feel that integrating culture into the classroom through the use of AR on mobile devices has the potential to build new learning communities for students with special needs. Using i-Pads and  tiny doctor medical coats, nurse scrubs, stethoscopes that really work, and picture books on the heart and lungs - we go into local schools and engage these children  through fun and play with the bears using AR. An evaluation tool will assess the value added to the children's learning experiences and collect data from teachers, students, staff, and parents.


New Levels of Student Engagement

We will showcase researchers using AR on mobile devices to encourage teachers to enhance instruction with this technology and create new levels of student engagement in special education classrooms.


Cultural Effectiveness Research

We are conducting research to explore the cultural effectiveness of using an iPad as a speech generating device in advanced behavior support for students with special needs. This will include non-verbal children. Our research design will incorporate simple AR as culturally appropriate icons  to promote positive student behavior.

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